MAIGRET - The Sunday Express

Posted on 3rd Apr 2016

Maigret was merely dull; a plodding plod with no distinguishing marks beyond his smoking accoutrements and maybe his hat.

He was investigating a series of murders of women, and failing to find the culprit. Could he do it before he was taken off the case? Well, of course he could. It was “interior architect” Marcel and his smothering mother, played by stand-out actors David Dawson and Fiona Shaw, amid a plot that could politely be described as “relaxed”. Maigret explained to his superior that: “Police work can take time,” and boy was he right.

The pleasure in Maigret came from the look of the piece. Paris (played by Budapest) in 1955 looked utterly fantastic, with tremendously evocative cinematography, and the period fashions were lovingly re-created. 

Atkinson’s reassuringly solid performance as thoughtful, decent, Maigret was great but ITV, please give him something more to do in the next specials than look pensive and light a pipe.

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