ACCUSED - Time Out

Posted on 9th Aug 2012

Sean Bean's gay transvestite catches the eye of Stephen Graham's widower on a stag do. An outlandish set-up perhaps, but arguably one that only a writer of Jimmy McGovern's calibre and bloody-minded determination could make work. McGovern, an actor's screenwriter, is rewarded with two fearsomely committed examples of counter-casting gone right.

As with the first series, this follows parallel narratives of a trial and the circumstances which lead up to it, and a deep sadness hangs over these unfulfilled lives. Bean's teacher Simon is as disillusioned by his life as his alter ego Tracie is by her personal relationships; while Tony is weighed down by his own double life. The climax is a melodramatic leap too far, but the journey is tensely handled and tenderly portrayed.

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