Sean Bean plays transvestite in ACCUSED

Posted on 28th Jul 2012

International star, Sean Bean, takes on a character like no other for his starring role as Simon, a college English teacher who specialises in poetry, whose secret alter ego, Tracie, is gay, lonely, and looking for love.


So why has Sean made this massive departure from his brilliant action heroes? Sean’s answer is disarmingly honest “I had a call from my agent saying, ‘Do you fancy playing a transvestite?’ I said, ‘Not really, why?”


“But as soon as she said it was a Jimmy McGovern project, who I’ve wanted to work with for a while, I was interested. The script was brilliant, and very moving. It’s a really touching story about a complicated man. He has a relationship with another man, which develops into deep love, and then spirals out of control into something quite dark and disturbing.


Sean is full of praise for director, Ashley Pearce, for his ‘real vision’ about how to shoot this unconventional take on a classic love story, by Shaun Duggan and Jimmy McGovern.


“It’s a grown up story about identity and about being true to who you are.”


At over six feet tall, Sean, who is known for his instinctive ability to get under the skin of his characters, freely admits that finding his way with Tracie was “seriously challenging.”


“This role has been a great opportunity. It’s one of the most challenging parts I’ve ever done; it’s so far from my perceived image. I can’t think of anything that compares. I can’t top it.”

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