Sean Bean reunites with Accused writer Jimmy McGovern in new BBC1 drama series Broken

Posted on 4th August 2016

Sean Bean is set to star in new BBC1 drama series Broken, written by Banished and Accused creator Jimmy McGovern.

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Rowan Atkinson starts filming ITV drama Maigret

Posted on 8th September 2015

Set in the 1950’s in Paris, the first of the two x 120’ films, Maigret Sets A Trap has started filming in Budapest and will be followed by Maigret’s Dead Man.

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Rowan Atkinson to play Jules Maigret in two ITV films

Posted on 20th February 2015

Blackadder and Mr Bean star Rowan Atkinson is making a return to television to play Belgian author Georges Simenon’s pipe-smoking policeman, Jules Maigret, in two new films for ITV.

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Michael Palin to return to TV drama in BBC1 thriller Remember Me

Posted on 16th January 2014

Michael Palin will take his first leading role in a TV drama for more than 20 years in BBC1's supernatural thriller Remember Me.

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REMEMBER ME - James Walton, The Spectator

Posted on 6th December 2014

But what makes Remember Me such an intriguing watch is that these ringing set-pieces are interspersed with several equally peculiar happenings presented in a far more matter-of-fact style. The programme is also rooted in an entirely recognisable modern Britain... The effect is to make almost everything we see (and everything we don’t) irresistibly menacing.

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REMEMBER ME - Benji Wilson, The Telegraph

Posted on 23rd November 2014

A combination of clever direction, disorienting photography and a brilliant, subtle score that would none the less blast you with atonal blobs of sound from time to time meant that already Remember Me is proving distinctly hard to forget.

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ACCUSED - Andrew Billen, The Times

Posted on 5th September 2012

The accused was Tina... Her co-defendants were you and I. The question Accused asked weekly was: what price are we prepared to pay for telling the truth?

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ACCUSED - Tim Dowling, The Guardian

Posted on 5th September 2012

The final episode of Accused was desolate, numbing... and brilliant.

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